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EZ Notes is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and Hands Free voice organizer for Ultimate Mobility notes. The ever-increasing pace of life implies that worldwide users require the fastest most efficient notes organizer for their notes. EZ Notes is the only Hands Free notes organizer which INSTANTLY Transcribes AND Saves voice notes (swipeable notes cards) via a Single Press of the Microphone! This disruptive innovation enables EZ Notes customers to save Maximum Time while achieving Hands Free Ultimate Mobility notes. EZ Notes provides many other customized features that empower users with profound advantages for the smoothest Mobile Experience. For example, we offer our industry-leading Rich Text Editor which again includes our superb Hands Free Voice transcription technologies for creating effortless notes even inside your notes editor! Modern users also prefer EZ Notes because we do not collect any personal data for selling to advertisers, nor do we require any app Permissions! EZ Notes has also been engineered to keep modern mobile devices Ultra-Slim and Efficient via Maximum Preservation of device resources like CPU, RAM, Storage Space, WiFi, and Battery! While other notes organizers press users on time via impractical and frustrating steps digging and clicking for notes, EZ Notes empowers mobile customers with Ultimate Mobility, Max Time Savings, Max Device Efficiency, complete data Privacy, and many other Freedoms for the smoothest daily Experience taking notes. Download EZ Notes to Enjoy a Premium Product and discover why EZ Notes has become so popular for taking notes.
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February 24, 2022
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EZ Notes is a niche notes organizer for Ultimate Mobility notes. We empower worldwide note taking fans by SIMULTANEOUSLY transcribing AND saving voice notes in a single notes step! Hence, EZ Notes brilliantly captures Hands-Free notes and improves countless lives every day, so notes fans can save remarkable time wherever they are and in whatever mobile note taking situation.

EZ Notes is also a feature-rich notes app that is very practical and places all notes functions within instant easy reach. Enjoy creating EZ Notes using the best rich-text editor notepad with dynamically renamable Folder notes! EZ Notes is the pioneer of Ultimate Mobility notes, Device Efficiency notes, and User Privacy notes.

✏️ EZ Notes Benefits:
– Ultimate Mobility easy voice notes
– Easy notes UI for taking fast notes
– Feature-Rich and Engaging notes app
– Efficient notes app (5MB & stays slim)
– Cutting-Edge Editor w/ Rich-text notes
– Privacy respecting (zero permissions)
– Highly Customizable note taking app
– Notes app w/o sign-ups nor sign-ins
– Notes app w/o pesky intrusive ads
– Offline Security (access notes 24×7)
– EZ Notes is an automatic notes app
– Swipe notes to delete & archive notes
– Notes app that saves time every time
– EZ Notes is a reputable & reliable app

EZ Notes has a remarkably easy voice notes taking and easy writing experience inside your notepad notes. Worldwide notes fans prefer the easy-to-use note taking EZ Notes organizer because we are the only Hands Free organizer offering instant voice notes writing for home page notes and for writing notes inside our easy notepad editor notes. EZ Notes is a practical and easy organizer and notepad app whose voice notes and notepad editing and writing of daily reminder notes, memo notes, e-mail notes, messages, student notes, research notes, shopping notes, and to-do list notes are extremely quick and easy for writing such notes. Note taking users love writing notes in EZ Notes as we are easier than any other notepad or memo pad notes organizer using powerful voice notes organizing and cutting-edge note taking features. EZ Notes offers many flexible note taking and writing formats, including voice notes, typing notes, To-Do lists for checklist notes, and even S-Pen notes for sketching beautiful notes.

Writing notes inside your awesome rich text notes editor allows you to write as many words and characters as you are willing to type and write in your notes. EZ Notes even offers premium voice notes features for your notepad editor for writing hands free voice notes without typing notes but using your voice notes. EZ Notes also tags notes with priority levels and can search notes, sort notes, and set reminder notes.

✏️ Notes sharing is super easy in EZ Notes
• Notes shared + backup notes by EZ Export
• S-pen Markers courtesy of Daniel Sandler

✏️ EZ Notes provides excellent support
• EZ Notes provides built-in help notes
• EZ Notes has a fan page on Facebook
➙ http://tinyurl.com/jegk6ea

✏️ EZ Notes permissions notice
Storage: This was a non-invasive permission used by EZ Notes ("Markers") application, in order to Read/Write data From/To the canvas notes. This Permission only applies to Android 4.3 and below. For recent versions, there
are ZERO sensitive permissions required by EZ Notes.

EZ Notes is a tech company established in the USA ❤ 🇱🇷

EZ Notes supports a total of 13 worldwide languages!

Trust 🛡
Customers trust EZ Notes because we serve them with quality and care. We don't collect nor share any of their notes data for profit.

Love ❤️
Customers feel loved because EZ Notes enhances their mobility and truly improves their life through Maximum time savings & eliminates hassles.

Control 🔒
Customers also love EZ Notes because we help them attain total control of their data (all notes are offline), for remarkable privacy, note-taking reliability, and regained dignity of our notes data!

What's new

Added folder rename functionality.
EZ Notes > Folders > Long press to rename a folder.
Internal optimizations and UI enhancements.

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